lamb school reopining plan

Lamb School will reopen to serve families for the 2020-2021 school year with the utmost care given to the health and safety of children, families and staff. With guidance from Health and Human Services, Child Care Regulations, the CDC as well as the local Health Department, Lamb School will implement enhanced health protocols for a safe return to school. As you come back to campus, here are some of the procedures that will be implemented to ensure a safe learning environment:

  • Smaller class sizes (limited to no more than 10 students)
  • Self-contained classrooms with fixed staff
  • Temporary elimination of mixed group activities
  • Health screenings of staff, students and those accompanying them
  • Intensified cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and resources
  • Scheduled classroom hand washing routines
  • Individual student supplies and sensory items
  • Staff training on COVID-19
  • Drop off and Pick up outside of our facility with social distancing
  • Adult staff in masks when feasible and when social distancing is not possible

Lamb School staff is adapting plans as new information becomes available. While many restrictions are required, our mission remains the same: to joyfully partner  with families to provide the very best in early childhood education. Our students will enjoy safe, creative learning environments in which to learn and grow. We look forward to serving your family!